Will I be refunded if Glaudax cancels a tour?

Yes, if we cancel a tour for any reason, including Covid-related issues, we will refund everything you have paid including the deposit.


What happens if I am unable to participate in a tour because I contract Covid or I have to self isolate?

Our normal cancellation terms will apply. In some instances it may be possible to transfer your booking to another date but we cannot guarantee this and we will consider on a case by case basis.

Will my Glaudax tour go ahead if any Covid-related restrictions (e.g. social distancing) still apply?

Yes, if we are allowed to run the tours we will do everything we can to make them happen.

How fit do I need to be?

You need a good level of cycle fitness to enjoy Glaudax as the tours are long-distance and some are very hilly. You should be capable of comfortably riding 130-160 km (80-100 miles) on a moderately hilly route at an average 20 km/h (12 mph) excluding stops. Our daily distances are less than that (apart from some days on the 8-day Land's End tour) but you will need to rest and recover several nights running so you can do the same again the following day. Our tours will challenge any cyclist, but will be no fun if you are not fit enough, so if you have any doubts, please contact us to discuss.


What type of bike do I need for Glaudax?

A lightweight road, touring or audax bike is going to be best, with a good range of gears for the climbing. Make sure it is thoroughly serviced: new tyres, brake blocks/pads and cables are strongly recommended.


Riders of other machines, such as tandems, trikes, recumbents and e-bikes, are also welcome. If you select this option on the Booking Enquiry Form, we will contact you to check the cycle type and dimensions, or e-bike range, to ensure that we will be able to accommodate you in the Glaudax van in the event of you requiring the rescue service.

What does 'supported cycle tour' mean? Is there a guide?

Supported cycle tour means that, as well as transferring your luggage from one hotel to the next, we will always be near you in the support van ready to top up your water bottles, provide light snacks and assure the emergency rescue service. You should be capable of dealing with minor mechanical issues, such as punctures, but if you get stuck or are incapable of continuing your day's ride for any reason, we will be just a phone call away. We will also be staying at the same overnight stops as you, so we will see you every evening when you arrive to give you your luggage and oversee the storage of your bike, and again in the morning as you leave. Additionally, if you are not feeling well one day, or if the weather takes a particularly nasty turn, we are able to transfer riders and their bikes for a whole day's stage. This level of support should give you the peace of mind you need to successfully complete a Glaudax tour.

There is no guide – this is a self-guided tour, meaning that you will follow the route we have prepared for you. In many ways this offers you the best of both worlds because you benefit from our expertise in devising superb routes for you, but you are free to cycle at your own pace, stopping whenever and wherever you feel like it. But don't stop for too long – you've still got plenty of miles left to go before you reach the day's destination!


How much does it cost, and what is included?

You can find all this information on our tours page.

Is there a rescue service?

Yes there is! This is a key part of the Glaudax service. We expect riders to carry (and be able to use) basic spares and tools – a multi-tool, a puncture repair kit, a pump and a couple of spare inner tubes. But if you are stuck due to a mechanical problem, or for any other reason, you can call Richard and Tony and we will come to your aid in the support van. We will be carrying some basic tools and spares such as 700c size tyres and tubes, as well as brake and gear cables. In agreement with you, we'll either...

  • help you get back on the road if possible

  • take you and your bike to a bike shop

  • take you and your bike to the evening destination

  • take you and your bike to a railway station

NB: The rescue service will apply anywhere on each day’s Glaudax route as supplied by us. We cannot guarantee that we will rescue you if you are off this route or have not departed for a day's stage by 09:30.


Can I do Glaudax if I am under 18?

Yes, as long as you are fit enough (see above) and you bring a responsible adult with you.


How will I navigate?

We'll provide recommended daily routes mostly on quiet lanes through stunning scenery to your evening’s destination, using ridewithgps.com. There's an app which you can download onto your smart phone; however, we strongly recommend using a GPS-enabled bike computer for

  • longer battery life

  • better weather-proofing

  • better visibility in bright daylight

  • less fragility

  • no dependency on mobile phone signals

Please ensure your GPS device has a long battery life or bring a cache battery so you can recharge on the move.

We also recommend that you download the app and routes onto your phone as a back-up, and we will provide pdf copies of the daily route maps. And if you are a belt & braces type, you can highlight the route in a large scale motoring atlas and bring the relevant pages with you on the tour.


How fast will I have to ride? Do I have to keep up with the group?

It's important that you ride at your own comfortable and moderate pace, saving your energy for the hills and the days ahead. Glaudax is a marathon, not a sprint. Each rider will have the route and should be sufficiently equipped and confident to ride independently. It is likely that groups of similar ability will form naturally, so you may have riding companions for some of the journey. You should be confident that you will be able to maintain a minimum average speed of 20 km/h (12 mph) on the road (excluding stops). This will ensure you arrive at your destination in good time to relax and enjoy your evening.


Is the route all on-road?

Almost! There are a few short off-road sections. You will not need an off-road or gravel bike. However, in designing our routes we try and use remote, quiet lanes as much as possible and road surfaces vary considerably – potholes and gravel are regular features! We therefore advise the use of appropriately sturdy wheels and tyres. Be prepared also for occasional sections on busier roads and in urban areas which cannot be avoided altogether.


Do I have to stay on the recommended Glaudax route?

No you don't, but we heartily recommend it! Our route may not always be the most direct route or the flattest but, after extensive research on the ground, we think it is the optimum route. Please also bear in mind that we cannot guarantee to provide our rescue service if you are not on the recommended route.


How will you find me if I break down in the middle of nowhere?

We'll ask all riders to switch on Google shared location on their smart phones. Riders will be able to see where the support crew are at any time too. The what3words app is also a useful way of pinpointing your location.

Where do Glaudax tours start and finish?

The tours start and finish at the Greyhound Inn in the village of Aldbury, near Tring station in Hertfordshire (except the 4-day Land's End tour which starts and finishes in Exeter). There is unmonitored free parking at Aldbury Sports Ground 0.2 mile from the Greyhound, otherwise long term car parking is available at the station, accredited by the Park Mark® Safer Parking Scheme. Whether you come by train or car we can pick you, your bike and luggage up from the station if required.


If you need somewhere to stay near the start/end of the ride there are several places nearby but you will need to book yourself. The Greyhound Inn offers a 10% discount to Glaudax clients booking direct with the hotel (please mention Glaudax discount at the time of booking). There is a Premier Inn at Tring (4 miles from the start), as well as Premier Inns and Travelodges in Hemel Hempstead and Aylesbury. All offer secure overnight bike storage.


What about locks and security?



  • Overnight your bike will be stored under cover in a secure room or building at or close to the hotel/guest house. Please note that in some instances this facility may not be accessible by unconventional cycles such as tandems or trikes – in that case your cycle will be locked overnight in the Glaudax van.

  • Please note that neither our accommodation partners nor Glaudax Cycle Tours can accept responsibility for any losses or damage which may occur.

  • For additional security we lock all the bikes together each night with our own gold secure quality locks and cables.

  • You should ensure that you have adequate cycle insurance to cover loss, theft of or damage to your cycle away from your home.

  • On the bike along with your multi-tool and puncture kit we recommend that you bring a lightweight lock for quick use when popping into a bakery etc. This will only act as a minor deterrent so it is advisable to lock your bike to a fixed object and to try and ensure you can see your bike at all times.

What happens in the event of poor weather, or if I am not feeling well one day?

If you are not feeling well one day, or if the weather takes a particularly nasty turn, we are able to transfer riders and their bikes for a whole day's stage.


What are the accommodation arrangements?

You will stay in a range of hotel and guest house accommodation of varying standards, but all are clean and offer ensuite facilities and a friendly welcome. Breakfast is included and we ask you on the booking form if you have any special dietary requirements.

Bookings are made in ensuite twin rooms unless you request a single room at the time of booking*. If you are a solo traveller and prefer to be in twin room accommodation, we will do our best to pair you with another solo traveller of the same gender who has requested to do the same. If this is not possible, we will offer you the option of a single room*.

* Single room accommodation is subject to availability and payment of a supplement

What meals are included?

All breakfasts are included; lunches and evening meals are not. We suggest places along the route where you will be able to buy snacks, drinks and lunches. Additionally, the Glaudax van aims to meet riders once or twice each day to dispense snacks and encouragement and top up water bottles. We leave evening meals up to you as everyone has different tastes and budgets, although we will try and facilitate at least one communal meal on each tour.


How does the luggage transfer service work?

Every day after breakfast when you are ready to set off, you give us your overnight bag and day pack, we lock them in the support van and take them with us to the next hotel or guest house to give to you when you arrive.

NB Please pack your kit into an airline style bag or holdall ideally measuring no more than 60 x 40 x 30 cm.


What are the arrangements for doing laundry?

Most of our hotels and guest houses do not offer laundry services so we suggest that you bring enough kit to last for the tour and/or some washing powder/liquid to do small things in the sink.


When will I receive my documentation?

After we have received payment of the full balance for your tour we will send you the Roadbook for your tour, which includes links to the downloadable daily GPX route files.


Do I need insurance?

We recommend that you take out comprehensive travel insurance cover at the time of booking to cover you for the duration of your Glaudax Cycle Tours trip. Please ensure cover includes loss of or damage to your luggage and personal items, and cancellation or curtailment of your trip.

We also recommend that you have third party liability insurance cover, as well as adequate cycle insurance to cover loss, theft of or damage to your cycle away from your home. We advise you to check any insurance policies you currently have, such as a household contents policy, which may already include this cover, or you may be able to add it for an additional premium.

We are affiliated to Yellow Jersey Bicycle Insurance which offers insurance policies to cover all of the above, with a 10% discount to Glaudax riders. Click here for further details.

Third party liability insurance cover is also included in the membership fee of certain cycling organisations such as Cycling UK and London Cycling Campaign.


What if I need to change my dates or can no longer do the tour?

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions.


What if I have a question not listed here?

Please email us any questions you have that are not answered here.