"One of my top rides anywhere, stunning! Thanks so much Richard and Tony. If there's a better way to spend a week I don't know it. On the bike every day. Fantastic route. Great support. Glorious weather. Wonderful company from the Bellas and our group. Can't wait to do it again!"

Ray Cox, Dulwich Paragon Cycling Club

"Thanks to everyone for a great week! We totally lucked out on the sunshine which made the routes even better and brighter - Elan Valley still my fave day I think... so beautiful riding up last the reservoirs and dams. Fabulous end too in Musette... my fave dish of the week"

Emma Potter, Bella Velo Cycling Club


"I would like to know what drugs Ant and Dick (Tony and Richard) are on and where to buy them. Happy drugs, Tony is constantly smiling, positive and telling jokes. Stamina drugs, I do not know where Richard gets his energy from, the speed and ease he climbs hills, the stories he tells of the Audax adventures and the energy he has left after 150km trip, while the rest of us collapse into a cold beer at the end of the day."

Doug Jennings

"What a fantastic week of cycling. Thanks Richard and Tony for all of those hours planning a fantastic route. It was great to meet some new cyclists in the Bella Velos. Glaudax have so obviously put a lot of work into choosing routes. They are mainly along very quiet roads that take you through some breathtaking scenery. In fact I would say that cycling through the Elan valley on day 3 is probably the best morning's cycling ever."

Mick Sargent

"Both Richard and Tony were great, informative, responsive and going out of their way to ensure everything went smoothly. Elan Valley: Hands down, best day in the saddle. Ever!"

Ruth Gutteridge, Bella Velo Cycling Club

"The best cycling I’ve ever done. The routes were breathtaking, absolutely stunning."

Paul Whateley

"The route was brilliant and well orchestrated. Hard enough to make it count but incredibly beautiful to keep you absorbed. So much variety and now my UK bucket list of places to visit has grown again. I loved it. Cycling with the audax crew was like having your mates watch your back as you pedalled. There when you needed them but not in your face. Positive enthusiasm at the stops and great fun."

Helen Budd


"An amazing ride up the previously never heard of Elan Valley - probably one of the best days ever on the bike."

Alison Dex, Bella Velo Cycling Club


"Thank you Richard and Tony for a fantastic week. Such a great opportunity to cycle an amazing route through the English countryside, right across Wales and back again. It really was stunning and I'm very grateful to have had the chance to have experienced it. I will definitely be back for another tour!"

Jo Robertson

"Tony and Richard are very friendly and responsive to everyone's needs. They listen and take feedback on board. They are both very approachable and always greet us with huge smiles and enthusiasm along the route. This always lifts the spirits in wet weather or after a long day on the bike. They have put in a lot of time and planning into the tour and it really shows when you're on the Glaudax. Not only are they familiar with the start and end locations but know the route so can help you prepare for what's ahead including climbs, descents and places to stop for lunches."

Ella Green, Bella Velo Cycling Club 

"Fantastic tour, very attentive crew members, I would highly recommend a Glaudax tour for anyone keen on cycling and who wants to enjoy the British countryside. Thanks Richard and Tony, a brilliant trip, I so enjoyed it. 🚴Looking forward to the next one. Please make sure the weather is as good! 🌞 Good luck with your business I will highly recommend you. Thanks also to everyone else for being so friendly and supportive"

Caroline Tighe, Bella Velo Cycling Club 

"Richard & Tony were very supportive, empathetic and with warm enthusiasm and friendliness at all times. Great company and approachable at all times."

Tim Mills

"Nice route Richard, I approve"