Prepare for GLAUDAX!

what to bring; how to train

We suggest you bring:

  • your bike (we do not offer cycle hire)

  • one overnight bag for us to carry in the van

  • one day bag which we'll also take in the van (you will have access to this bag when we meet you occasionally on the road)

What to carry on the bike...

  • GPS device – please ensure your device has a long battery life or bring a cache battery so you can recharge on the move

  • two spare inner tubes

  • puncture kit & tyre levers

  • multi-tool

  • pump

  • lightweight lock

  • two water bottles

  • back and front lights (in case of low visibility in poor weather)

...and in your back pockets

  • snacks – gels, bananas, flapjack etc.

  • cash & credit/debit cards

  • gilet & lightweight waterproof; arm & leg warmers – be prepared for the possibility of poor weather, especially in the more remote mountainous sections of the route where the weather can deteriorate rapidly and unexpectedly

Don't forget to bring...

  • base layers – short & long sleeve (see note above)

  • cycling shoes and/or sandals

  • helmet and/or cycling cap

  • cycling glasses with interchangeable lenses

  • cycling gloves & mitts

  • neck snood or buff

What to pack in your overnight bag

  • clothes and shoes for evening wear

  • some changes of cycling kit

  • more spare inner tubes

  • bottle of chain lube

  • good quality lock & cable combination for additional overnight security (your bike will be stored under cover in a secure room or building at or close to the hotel/guest house)

How to prepare


  • get the bike thoroughly serviced – ensure it has sturdy new tyres suitable for touring, plenty of wear left on brake pads/blocks, drivetrain and all cables in good condition

  • load onto your GPS device the six daily routes that we will send you – we recommend the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt for long battery life, which you will need on this Tour

  • download the ridewithgps app onto your phone and pin or copy across the six daily routes (this will be your back-up on the road)

  • if you are a belt & braces type, you can highlight the route in a large scale motoring atlas and bring the relevant pages with you on the Tour

  • we will provide a road-book and pdf copies of the daily route maps

  • please ensure that you have adequate insurance cover as recommended under "Do I need insurance?" on the FAQ page.

How to train

  • Ride, ride, ride...

  • then ride some more!

You need a good level of cycle fitness to enjoy Glaudax as it's long-distance and it's hilly. You should be capable of comfortably riding 160 km (100 miles) on a moderately hilly route in 8 hours or less (excluding stops). Our daily distances are less than that but you will need to rest and recover five nights running so you can do the same again the following day. The Tour is a challenge for any cyclist, but will be no fun if you are not fit enough.


We suggest that you train two or three times a week on a mix of flat and hilly routes – one or two brisk-paced rides of up to 80 km, and a longer ride perhaps at the weekend of up to 160 km. If you have never ridden long-distance two days running, give it a go, and if you wake up on the third day wanting more you'll know that Glaudax is for you!


If you have any doubts about your fitness for Glaudax, please contact us to discuss.