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Your Domestiques

We carry your bags, you just pedal!

​We will:

  • Transport your luggage each day so it is waiting for you at the destination

  • Provide an emergency back-up service – we’re just a phone call away

  • Monitor your progress via Google Location Sharing (with your permission)

  • Meet you en route from time to time with water, snacks, support and encouragement – you will also be able to deposit or retrieve pieces of kit if necessary


We have ridden and fine-tuned the route you are using so we know all the twists and turns we are sending you on!



With over 40 years of long-distance cycle touring under his wheels, audaxing since 2003, Paris-Brest-Paris six times and one circumnavigation of the planet, Richard is keen to share his passion. He founded the Kingston Wheelers Audax Chapter to organise rides of all distances up to a flagship 1,000 km event from London to Land's End and back. Some Wimbledon parkrun friends were keen to take on this challenge, until they learned that the audax time limit is 75 hours – just over three days – a gruelling 350 km/day schedule that doesn't allow for leisurely fine dining and a few beers in the evening before a comfortable hotel bed.  With skilful oratory powers, and one or two beers, Richard was persuaded to lead a 150 km/day ride with support crew and hotels...and the Glaudax concept was hatched.



Richard’s younger brother brings some balance to the enterprise. Having many and varied interests he does not spend every waking moment on a bike. However, like Richard, he grew up riding a bike and has never stopped. While riding the sort of distances Audax demands does not appeal to him at all, Tony does enjoy a challenge and amazed himself by twice completing the epic Marmotte sportive in the French alps in recent years. He has also ridden several cycle tours with Richard, with challenging daily distances, but always with time for a nice meal in the evening and a comfortable bed for the night. This is exactly what Glaudax offers and so it was only natural that, over the course of a 6-day tour in 2020 from Tony’s home in the Chilterns to Snowdonia and back, the brothers would conclude that others deserved to share the experience.

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